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[IP] mysterious glycogen

<<Our bodies don't really monitor bg levels, but react to excessive
of change. So, if you were at 180 and bolused or exercised it's possible
you suddenly dropped VERY fast to the 80, and suffered hypo symptoms. If
you feel like you're having a hypo and aren't really low the best thing
to do
is to NOT do anything for it, or at least treat very minimally to get
body to think you're going up slightly rather than down. This can help
avoid having your liver dump glycogen to "save" you based on a 
misunderstanding by your system......>>

I'm confused about the whole glycogen dumping thing. Why do our bodies
seem to dump glycogen for lows on some occasions, but not for all? Does
this also have something to do with how fast my bgs are dropping? I
don't have hypo unawareness, but there have been occasions where I've
had a low near bedtime, treated it, then gone to bed--and had a high the
next morning, even if I haven't had a high-fat or high-protein meal the
night before. And I understand the whole thing with checking my blood at
2 or 3 a.m. to figure out what's going on... I'm just wondering about
these weird occasions. I've also had mild headaches on those mornings,
so it could have been the liver unloading glycogen. So, why are there
times when I'm having a low during the day and my liver doesn't kick in
the glycogen? Does my liver not always have a supply of extra glycogen? 

Waaaaaahhhh! Why are there no easy answers?

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