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Re: [[IP] What are the odds....]

On  6 Jun 99 at 15:17, Natalie A. Sera wrote:

> The odds are 100% when it happens to YOU!
> ANYBODY who conceives a child is taking a risk -- there are lots of
> things that can happen to a child, not only DM, but many other diseases
> and accidents -- so the real question is, are you prepared to love your
> child, no matter what? 
> Life itself is a gamble, and no one ever knows what tomorrow may bring,
> so you just have to boldly stride into the future and deal with whatever
> comes. And count your blessings, because we all do have many of them!

I'm not sure about the gambling, but we don't know what the future will 
bring...  Natalie speaks wisdom here - the real question still is are we 
prepared to love our kids no matter how the world may view them?  Are we 
willing to face all the unknowns?  I'm still working on this one, with a child 
facing heart surgery in the immediate future... I'd rather it be me than him!   
All my "preacher training" kind of fades when I'm holding him and thinking 
about what we're facing...   And I watch my bg bounce up and down due to the 

It's easy to tell other people "It's OK." but very different when it's your own 
child.   Just like the nurses and doctors who still try to tell us that 
"Diabetes isn't that bad" or "Shots don't hurt"... they've never been there 

The bottom line is really that question - are you prepared to give of yourself 
to your child, no matter how difficult it may be or what it will cost you?  
No one else can make that decision except for the people involved personally...

Randall P. Winchester
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