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[IP] Re: Dog Shows & Diabetes

Yes list...Becky LaSpina made the trip from 162' elevation over Donner
Pass at the 7,000' elevation and back two days in a row and her pump

Natalie was great fun to meet and there is alot more to her than her
Diabetes!  For instance...she teaches Japanese!

Becky's blood glucose both Friday and Saturday morning went high. Left
home normal level and even bloused for trip and stll went high.   Can
only assume that stress hormones were involved?  Did not go high on
return trip home!!!   So...can one bolus for stress hormones?  I was
anticipating winning...so excitement or anxiety would be the correct
stress definition.   (Did NOT win that necessary Major win either day
but was Reserve Winner on Saturday...so no new Champion dog yet).

Becky LaSpina
IDDM since 1957 - pump since 12/29/98

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