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RE: [IP] Pump alarms

Ted, Kathleen,

I regret, but wrapping anything in aluminum foil will really only provide
very partial shielding against stray RF, (radio frequency emissions), of
course grounding the shielding  will eliminate the static, but one could do
this without the shielding. Incidentally, aluminum is not a very good shield
medium, copper is better - but we really can't clad ourselves or anything
else in a suit copper armor! 

Shielding itself will not provide any protection against the accumulation of
a static charge unless it is powerful stray RF.  Anyway, if anyone is
working in an area with such powerful stray RF, then I would suggest that
this in itself would be a hazard, AND THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE THE CASE IN A
HOME OR MEDICAL ENVIRONMENT. I really think the problem is related to a
static charge buildup from friction with your surroundings, (your footwear).

So, what to do.....

Las Vegas - Well we haven't yet mastered planetary climate control yet, so
there's not much to be done about the very dry ambient environment.

But all is not lost. It should be quite easy to experiment wearing different
footwear. Just 'shuffle' around a bit, then ground yourself - you will
definitely notice differences in static shock with differing footwear. When
you find a pair that does not promote generation of a static charge, then
stick with those. 

There is some footwear available that will definitely work, and that is the
wooden type clogs that medical personnel wear in hospitals etc. - this is
one of the principle reasons why they are worn.

There is another potential source of a static charge accumulation and that
is equipment with moving parts - such as fan. If you have a desk or floor
standing fan, then this too can create a static charge of its own and when
you touch it, the charge is discharged through you. If this is the case,
then it is a simple matter of 'grounding' the fan - most fans are by default
not grounded, they only have a two wire supply without a ground conductor.

Kathleen, don't think of this as an insurmountable problem, it may just seem
like it - it will be really easy to identify and remedy.

If you need any more information, let me know.


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