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[IP] Wear you wear it

Tamera wrote:
I feel if any one sees the bulkiness either in my chest area or along my
hips, they must have seen something that looks good to begin with to notice
either area in the first

This is goes into my 'favorite comment' catergory.  I've also known several
people that have encouraged me to use my bra is a handy spot to store
"important things" (once it was my house key, also tissues) and just reach
for it when I need it.  I've been reading this whole thread wondering if
I'm missing something.  Personally, Jude just is happily clipped onto the
waist band of whatever I'm wearing.  The only time he isn't is when I'm
wearing a dress.  Then I've tried several options.  I've tried just
sticking him in my underwear.   Tried the spandex shorts.  Tried the bra.
Since I don't wear dresses often, haven't really decided where my favorite
spot for him is in that situation.

Yesterday I meet not one (that was my first random meeting of a pumper),
not even two, but 5 other pumpers!  The first one was at a pool, and she
had been pumping for 15 years.  The next 4 were altogether, but a little
more understandable (although unexpected).  It was at a meeting for student
volunteers for a diabetes day camp (which in the end I can work).  I was
the oldest (by far) and there were 4 other pumpers!  None of us had any
idea there would be so many of us.  We outnumbered the 'injectors'  It was
really cool!

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