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[IP] wanna quibble? was smart ass remark

In repsonse to my:

> . It is not a written rule as far as I know, but it ought to be, 
> in my not so humble opinion

regarding re-posting posts in one's responses, Michael wrote:
> Naughty naughty! you haven't read
> http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/netiquette.shtml

Good!!  Then it IS a rule and you people who violate it better watch out!!!

In seriousness, i DID read the rules when i joined almost 2 years ago, but 
details escape me now...all i really remember is it needs to be pump/diabetes 
related and no spamming or flaming allowed...

so in that vein...hmmm...what can I add that is diabetes/pump related...OH 

On vacation, I had the glorious opportunity to meet two more IP members:  
Jessica, who lives inTexas (and her cool mom Nita), and Sandra who lives in 
Louisiana (and her cool daughter).  It was great to meet them...and I also 
got to chat "live" with old Buddy for a while.  It's nice to have "real" 
friends, not just "virtual" ones, and all thanks to Michael and IP....This 
past weekend, I also got to meet Leslie Bagwill, and her wo adorable kids!  I 
have a funny low story to tell about that, but will leave it for later...

So to date, I have met the following cool IP people: 
Buddy Barber, Janine Shea, Jeff?, Mary Bacon, Stu Pelcyger, Brad Saks, 
Michelle Rands, Sandra Byrd, Jessica Herrington, Greg Legowski, Leslie 
Bagwill, David K...will YOU be next?  I am gonna be in Chicago in July...lock 
up the silver!!!

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