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Re: [IP] where to wear it

Hey whatta cool idea!!  I am also very small-chested and when women say they 
wear it on their bra, I am just at a loss.  I look like I have a third, oddly 
placed square implant!!!!!  I don't even try to conceal it, but i am going to 
try your idea for occasions just like the one you described.  Like when 
you're wearing a dress andthere is NOWHERE to clip the thing to without 
having tubing creeping out of my armpit or from the bottom of the dress.  

I was at brunch yesterday with my parents and fiance.  I had on a 
midriff-exposing top with a pair of pants.  I clipped my pump, as I generally 
do, to the pocket of my pants.  A lady approached me and said that she had a 
very personal question that she hoped would not offend me.  She asked if I 
was wearing an insulin pump!! This is the first time anyone has known exactly 
what it is.  I was just tickled to death.  She went on to tell me that her 21 
yr old granddaughter has been pumping for six months. She was interested to 
know if my pump brought me as much happiness as her granddaughter's!  Of 
course this is the case-I love this little blue gizmo.  It's given me a new 
attitude about the burden we call diabetes.  I was diagnosed at 13months old. 
 I am going on 27 yrs old next month and am a proud pumper for 1 1/2 months.  
I rarely hide my pump! I am just too excited.  And if people want to ask 
questions, bring it on! I'll talk your ear off!!!!!!
Pumping and Proud Peggy
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