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RE: [IP] Pump alarms


You should be aware that choice of footwear can significantly influence a
static charge build up on an individual. Shoe soles made from synthetic
materials typically promote the most favorable conditions for static charge
build up, whereas natural materials such as leather tend not to. 

You should be able to identify this effect from synthetic materials simply
by touching something that is 'grounded' while wearing, say 'trainers', If
you get a little 'shock' with them on, take them off, walk around a bit and
then do it again, you probably won't get a 'shock'. It is probably, the
static discharge from you to ground that is causing the unwanted MM alarms.
You may even create a 'demonstration' of an unwanted MM alarm!

In addition to synthetic materials promoting the build up of static charge,
the RH, (relative humidity), plays a very significant role in the build up
of static charge. The drier the air is - the easier a static charge is
developed. If you are in a very dry environment, it may be worthwhile
investigating some means of providing humidification. Believe it or not, air
conditioning systems, in both heating and cooling modes remove most of the
moisture from the air - hence dry throats and sore eyes.

Perhaps you could identify the unwanted alarms from your MM with the above
in mind.

Grounding yourself at frequent intervals may not cure the problem, you may
just create the unwanted alarms at known times, the proper thing to do is to
prevent the static charge build up in the first place. It would be most
impractical to walk around with a 'grounding' wire attached all of the time,
so really, you will need to look closely at your footwear material, (and the
floor material) and the humidity in your environment.

Best regards and good luck,


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