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RE: [IP] Feeling Low

		"Whitaker, Paul" wrote:
		......., right now, (12:30) I'm at 85 and
		> feel very shaky, but at other times I don't have this
effect until the low
		> 60's, (I don't go there very often).......

		"Ted Quick" wrote:
		Our bodies don't really monitor bg levels, but react to
excessive rates 
		of change. So, if you were at 180 and bolused or exercised
it's possible that
		you suddenly dropped VERY fast to the 80, and suffered hypo


		How about this for a scenario - Do you suppose it is
possible that I did not use enough Humalog to cover breakfast and was in
fact 'high' during the morning without my knowing as I didn't do a 'bg'
until before lunch. And then just before lunch the NPH 'kicked in' and
dropped bg's very fast?

		After lunch and 12 Humalog later 'low' is gone.

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