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Re: [IP] Feeling Low

"Whitaker, Paul" wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> As I'm still new at this I have a question: Is it normal to 'feel' low, ie
> shaky etc. at different bg's. For example, right now, (12:30) I'm at 85 and
> feel very shaky, but at other times I don't have this effect until the low
> 60's, (I don't go there very often).
> Bg's this morning when I arose were normal at 90 and I did my usual of 11
> NPH  and 5 Humalog before breakfast.
> Any explanation anyone?

Our bodies don't really monitor bg levels, but react to excessive rates 
of change. So, if you were at 180 and bolused or exercised it's possible that
you suddenly dropped VERY fast to the 80, and suffered hypo symptoms. If
you feel like you're having a hypo and aren't really low the best thing to do
is to NOT do anything for it, or at least treat very minimally to get your 
body to think you're going up slightly rather than down. This can help
avoid having your liver dump glycogen to "save" you based on a 
misunderstanding by your system......

For instance, if I decide to treat minimally I'll have 1 LifeSaver, rather
than 3 or 4. Since 1 LifeSaver oonly raises me about 10 mg/dl it can't
drive me high, as too many normally (wrongly) accepted hypo treatments would.
I've seen too mny people who think that any hypo requires an entire non-diet
sugared) soft drink.....I'll have 2 to 4 ounces and come out stable.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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