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Re: [[IP] shock symptoms]

"R Bonitz" <email @ redacted> wrote:
My dr has sggested that shock symptoms  are harder to detect when control is
tightened. Can anyone confirm this? Problems with this worry me as I am
the pump.

>>>>>>>>>>>>I would have to say for me personally, just the opposite was true.
I went on the pump because I was having so many extreme hypo's with total
unawareness. I've been on the pump 2 years(June 16)and thankfully, I've not
had ONE hypo that compares to pre-pump ones! The syptoms are still subtle, but
are detectable and much more easily treated! I would add also that high blood
sugar syptoms are very more noticable for me also. I was probably walking
around alot with 400 and 500 BS's alot without knowing, now if I get over 250,
I feel totally miserable and know right away what is going on. Good luck and I
hope the pump works for you, if you decide to try it.
dxd 1971
pmpg 6/97  

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