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[IP] where to wear it

I usually wear mine on my belt, but there are times when you just don't
want it to be sticking out... case in point, when I went clubbing Saturday,
I had on a pair of tight black pants and a shirt, kind of clingy, that fell
just past my waistline.  Clipping it on my waist made this huge bulge,
and I've also heard a horror story of someone's getting knocked off
on a dance floor (it got stepped on, but it was okay).  So I found
a new place to wear it...

I am *very* small chested (34A) - so while clipping it on the center of my
bra works for t-shirts and oversized tops, it doesn't with the clingy ones.
So I have a couple of Lily of France bras that have removable push-up
pads... I took out the left one, and replaced it with my pump.  Being
that there is a little lined container for it, it felt fine...

My roommate was pretty shocked that it worked ;)  It was comfortable
and well protected.  I wouldn't want to wear it every day there (you
have to go to the restroom to bolus), but it works for "special
occasions".... (and maybe for those ballroom dancing outfits to whomever
was asking?)

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