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Re: [IP] high protein

Sheila, you've stated this incorrectly.  1 oz of protein is about 28 g, not
7 g.  But the amount, about 0.3 U per oz (28 g) is the common recommended
starting dose for protein boluses.  It can go up to 0.5 -1 U/oz in some

>>>>>>It was me I think.  My CDE told me to bolus 0.3 units for every extra
>>>>>>7 grams of
protein over 21 grams in any given meal.  7grams equates to 1oz of protein.
that helps. Sheila>>>>>>>>
email @ redacted wrote:
> At one time, someone said that their cde recommended a bolus amt of approx
> .3/u for an amt. above the usual protein.   My son tends to spike with large
> protein amts.

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