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Re: [IP] RE: Diabetic pregnancies, Well meaning irritating people, etc

email @ redacted wrote:
> diabetic or not,  the strangest things happen to well meaning
> peoples' brains when they hear that you are pregnant...they suddently
> remember and tell you about all the disaterous pregnancy outcomes that
> they've ever heard of!   (I'll bet even the non-diabetic moms experienced
> this)   

Yup, yup, YUP!!!  I wasn't diabetic when I was pregnant, not even
gestational, and I heard all the horror stories, too. I think you get
sensitized to it, though -- things that wouldn't bother you if you
weren't pregnant get magnified and turn into fearsome worries. That
happens to ALL pregnant women, I think, and may partly have to do with
hormonal changes -- you tend to be VERY focused during pregnancy!

I agree with Linda that the decision is yours to make -- you need to do
what you and your partner think is right, because it's YOUR life, and
you should have the freedom to live it. Of course, you should do
everything you can to take care of yourself during pregnancy, but at
least you're already well on the way with the pump, and with the
excellent support here on the group!

If I were of an age, and in a position to have another baby, I WOULD,
even though I have diabetes! I think the chances of a positive outcome
are very good, and I'd take the chance. But each person has to make
their own choice -- it's just that the choice has to be based on
reality, not on fear!

Good luck! 

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