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[IP] overdose alarm

Re the follwoing reply I could not disconnect as I did not have a quick
release infusion set.  Is there any way to disconnect from the pump once
you put in the  softset if you do not have the quick release?  I did
manually prime the pump.  I only use about 25 units total per day so I put
very little in the resevoir.  Could this have an impact on the amount of
insulin needed to prime the pump? I do have a listing of the alarms but
what confused me was the fact that minimed says that the primed amounts are
not included in your daily total, but I guess they must be for alarm
purposes. Thanks for your response.  Anyway it was a learning experience. 
  So, I wasted an insusion set ($11.00) and I had to
start all over again." >>>>

Why did you have to waste the infusion set? You could have just disconnec=
and then primed the the pump! Also it does not always take 5 units to pri=
me, I
start with 3 and use more only if needed. This is of course after pushing=
insulin through the tubing manually til a drop appears at the tip of the
needle. This should be where you would look for insulin to appear, not th=
reservoir. As for the alarms, I have never had to take out the batteries =
stop any kind of alarm. Didn't your pump come with those little alarm car=
explaining what each means and how to correct them? I have the Mini Med 5=
and it does not have a separate function for priming, so I can't advise y=
ou on
that part.
dxd 1971
pmpg 6/97

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