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[IP] Am I too Shallow....Update :-)

Changed a site today....3 days after the last one  (cheers here..YAY
YAY)....and it had taken a licking and was still kicking.  So nice to
change a site because you should, not because you have to.  I had posted
a few days ago about possibly being too shallow.  The site I just took
out was in the tummy, a little deeper than the one in the butt normally
is, and it looked very nice.  No redness under the skin where the end of
the cannula would be.  Didn't like the look of that.  Just put another
tummy one in and again tried going a little deeper. Hope this one works
as well.   Think we will give her butt a break :-)

I was glad to hear from some people who had encountered the same thing
and would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has had redness
under the skin where the insulin is being dispersed from the end of the
cannula.  Did it affect sugars?  Was is prevalent in one area of the
body?  Just like to add these things to my 'binder'

Barb...Erica's mom
Erica saw a man in church today who had a pump on his belt.  She spotted
him a mile away because although it looked like a pager, she saw a
smidgeon of the tubing.  Next time I will have her point him out.  Could
be interesting :-)
Happy Pumping To You...Until We Meet Again (sung to the tune of Happy

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