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Re: [IP] pump in bra & [IP] where to put it

>   b.. Subject: [IP] pump in bra 
>   c.. From: Evelyn Lieberman 
>   d.. Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 12:20:49 -0700 

Amen Evelyn!

I too wear my pump tucked into the front of my bra.  I have found that
to be the most comfortable place...for ME, but as always YMMV.  I'm
sure this wouldn't be as comfortable for a very thin person who wears
an A cup, but with a full B cup and above, it should work just fine. 
This method works best with a sports bra. 

I find that it is most comfortable when I cover my pump (Earnest) with
a baby sock (toddler size x-small).  The sock makes the pump a little
softer and  prevents it from sticking to my skin.  I'm sure it helps
keep the pump clean and dry as well.  If you need a little protection
from sudden rainstorms, wrap your pump in plastic wrap (just like
leftovers) and then put it into the sock.
When I need to bolus, I just fish Earnest out of the front of my frock,
bolus and drop him back.  No one seems to notice and if they did, they
would probably think it was amusing.  I used to get such a kick out of
my husband's granny....she kept all sorts of things down the front of
her dress.

A young man in my hometown got his pump this past Monday and his mother
told me he is concerned about someone seeing it in his shirt.  I told
her where I wore mine and added that if anyone thought I had three
hooters....well, they shouldn't be looking so hard! :-) 

So Ladies....if you are not satisfied with where you are wearing your
pump, give this a try.  If it's not comfortable for you....try
something else.  Generally the system you come up with on your own will
be the one you like the best.  

If you are worried about what other people might think if they happen
to observe you...just remember....if you act like what you are doing is
normal, most people will perceive it as normal.  I have practiced this
philosophy for soooo long, I have now come to the realization that
having diabetes is normal and those folks that don't have it are

Janet Marie who loves her MiniMed Pump & the IP list

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