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Re: [IP] brittle

 awhile ago I asked one of the professionals at the diabetes clinic I go to about this (brittle diabetics).  She told me it can happen to people who have used animal insulins for a long time.  What happens is that although you take a shot, your body does not use it right away.  Something about the insulin not releasing, or not being absorbed into the blood.  Which results in high sugars.  Then, later, the insulin is absorbed, with no warning, and the result is sudden lows.  She said they have patients at my clinic with this problem.  B/c of the danger of these sudden lows, they maintain a higher target rate (above 150).

(but I have no first hand experience with it...)

>Who is not brittle?  The only not brittle DMers I know are on diet only.  I 
>wish someone would write on all the misinfo out there about DM.  There is so 
>much however, it would probably be a very long book.  ellen

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