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[IP] Now I'm Worried - Thanks

Hi everyone,

I want to express my thanks to everyone that responded to the message I
posted yesterday. 

>From your support I have decided to make sure that ALL the information is
passed to my insurers - if the decision is initially negative I shall cross
that bridge when I come to it.

I aplogise, if I seemed a bit negative yesterday - had a bad day, I went
from very high to very low in eight hours and it just made me feel depressed
in the knowledge that I will have to deal with this always. On this note, it
may be a good idea that I join a support group, as I live by myself now I
don't have anyone to talk to who understands DM, does anyone know of a group
in the Philly area?

One final question: What are the odds of my son and daughter and
granddaughter developing DM? Given that my mother and I have DM.

Kind regards


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