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Re: [IP] IP] Honeymoon Phase

I was wondering--I can usually tell when I go low, and I do sometimes wake up at night with low blood sugar--I don't think I have unawareness.  Is what you described, not waking up with a low and then the  glucagon goes into the blood as a natural response, does this only occur at very low levels?  So that it wouldn't happen to someone who is generally aware of lows?  Is this the equivalent of passing out in your sleep?



>I would think thatyou had been taking TOOO much insulin at bed time, you were 
>crashing in the middle of the night, but not waking up and your body naturlly 
>dumps in tons of glucagon, so you were waking up high...which prompted you to 
>to keep increasing that nighttime shot...you thought...blood sugar is high, i 
>need more insulin, when in fact, as your lower dose is showing...you dont 
>really need more...you needed less.

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