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Re: [IP] Re: damage from lows; cake and forgiveness

I understand severe lows can cause brain and neural damage, to me this is a 
given but what bothers me most and causes me to avoid Lows like the plague it 
that this disease has a paart of my life every hour of every day.  I do not 
want to give it an hour a day or even a second of not remembering or not 
knowing what is happening. 
Even without the idea of damage the time stolen by a severe insulin shock is 
to devistating for anyone but a diabetic to understand.  Although we all 
will, have or do make mistakes the more we can avoid these lows the better 
off we are and we can maintain our self respect. 
Thanks for letting me express my thoughts on this, 
Don and Penguinie the pumper penguin O-
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