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Re: [IP] We want a pump (long)

Holly Nelson wrote:
>     I need to vent just a little.

Hi Holly,

This is just to send you some supportive vibes -- you're at the very
beginning of a very long journey, and you're still in the early, steep
part of the learning curve, and no wonder you're sleep deprived!

I wanted to point out that Taylor sounds like a neat little boy -- even
though he REALLY wanted the snacks, he was aware that his blood sugar
was high, and that HE ought to take some responsibility for action --
what a wonderful attitude -- he was being VERY brave and I'd like you to
tell him that I'm very proud of him (even if he doesn't know me!!!).

Second, in spite of it all being very new, your husband really rose to
the occasion -- figured out what to do -- that is nerve-wracking,
especially when you're making the decision for someone else (it's
nerve-wracking enough to be making the decision for yourself, in the
beginning!). So your husband deserves a big pat on the back, too!

At the moment, I'm sure that DM seems VERY complicated (it IS, but you
learn!) and totally heart-breaking, so please take time to congratulate
yourselves on the positive steps you're taking!

Smiles and hugs,

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