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[IP] Curious why -- attn. Doreen

email @ redacted wrote:

> I had training as a nurse, the only floor I hated working on was the diabetic
> floor ! 

Just curious why you hated working on the diabetic floor? Of course,
newly diagnosed children and their parents are suffering big-time, as
are those in for complications, amputations, etc. but so are
non-diabetics in the hospital. 

I don't like to see ANYONE suffering -- which is why I might have been a
GOOD nurse, or maybe nursing would have driven me crazy altogether --
but I really do admire all those hard-working, caring nurses out there!

> When you get
> used to eating other foods (and doing alot of bgs) you'll be able to pick out
> what foods are gonna always cause a problem.

I tried a bowl of Cocoa Puffs last night -- I still can't figure out how
to do those high-carb, low-fiber, low-fat things -- I've almost totally
given up on cold cereal and fruit juice. 

That's the ONE time where I'd most like a normal pancreas!!!!!  

Smiles ,
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