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Re: [IP] over simplification

In a message dated 6/5/99 9:42:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  10.7 units and possibly go to bed with a 100 and
 > wake up well over 500 even worse if I were to have been off on the
 > snack before.  My dawn is usually a 200-300 rise and that is why he
 > doesn't want to risk it.
 I still think he's all wet. You shouldn't be 200 - 300 in the 
 morning. Your basals aren't set right. >>
I think you misunderstood me Michael.  Currently I wake up with 90-120 
however because of such a large dawn I find that I need a marked increase in 
my basal going from .9 to 1.5.   I have gone as much as 300 points.  So if I 
were to normally be 120 that morning and went up 300 for a dawn that I had no 
insulin for and then was off on my snack or even the .9 I didn't get I think 
I could easily wake up at close to 500.  Being that I am home alone (dh works 
nights) with three young children I have decided that I don't want to risk 
running too low or too high and I can see his logic.

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