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RE: [IP] high protein

I just recently have become successful with protein. I count the protein 
grams cut the amount in half then divide it by 15 to get my bolus amount. I 
spread that bolus over 2 to 3 hours. So far it has been pretty good. 
Although I must admit my protein intake is very small. I do the same thing 
with any high fat meal. You can play around with the amount to divide by. 
My protein and fat ratio 15 to 1unit /carbs 22 to 1 unit. If I am very 
active and am eating additional protein for extended activity the I use a 
25 to 1 unit ratio/carbs 30 to 1 unit. I do this with a dual wave but I 
believe it can be mimicked with a D pump. This is all figured from keeping 
an almost obsessive charts and journals.
Take Care

Does anyone remember or use this ratio?



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