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Re: [IP] Diabetic Woman-Kathleen

Dear Kathleen,
I feel you should follow your heart.  I will be forty on the 12th of June and 
have two healthy boys.  Both boys were large, both boys were c sections at 38 
weeks but both had healthy lungs and came home from the hospital with me.  
Eric weighed 9lbs 8 oz and was borne 3 months before I turned 31 (after 22 
years of diabetes).  Kevin weighed 10lbs 4 oz and was borne when I was 33 
1/2. ( after 25 years of diabetes).  I decided to quit at that point not 
because of my diabetes but more so because I suffered extreme post pardum 
depression and because my husband is 12 years older than me.  Follow your 
heart I did and have two boys who are so normal they would drive anyone crazy.
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