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[IP] Nancy's river trip

hey Nancy...

another river rat like me... YAY!!! here's what I do...

lots of zip loc freezer bags for one... *S* the heavier the better... I
just put my pump in a double bag and duct tape the top of it closed... then
stuff it under your bathing suit if you don't mind the plastic against your
skin... the biggest problem is that if you flip your raft, having your pump
floating downriver without you... *S* or duct tape it to you over your
bathing suit and pull a t shirt and shorts over it... you can still get to
the buttons and see what you are doing... don't forget to tuck in the extra
tubing so it doesn't get caught on something...

then I put my meter, strips and glucose tabs in a double zip lock... I have
a small pouch I made out of ripstop nylon that's waterproof that this stuff
goes in... might look a little bulky, but so what!!! pin this to you
somewhere... I also include my smokes and lighter because it stays dry...
ok, no comments about my smoking, it's my last vice... *S*

the biggest warning for me to you is to guard against lows... being on the
river with the sun and exercise, not to mention the adrenalin highs...
*S*... you need to be careful... in your cooler that you've strapped to the
raft, make sure that you have sugary stuff that you can get to in a
hurry... heat and sun may make your insulin work stronger, so check as
often as you think you need to on the first day, and then you should have a
feel for how things are going...

don't forget to pack all the extra junk you might need... extra batteries
too... keep in mind that a pharmacy could be 100 miles away as the crow
files... *S*

we're running my inflatable kyak this next week, same senario... *S*

have fun!!! we want to see pictures!!! what river are you running???

Ellen B-C

Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 20:21:27 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Need Advise for River Trip

Hi Everyone,

I need some advise about what to do about my trip to the River.   It will be 
about 110 degrees during the day and about 80 degrees at night.  I would be 
in the water,in direct sunlight about 50% of the time because of the heat.  I 
am not sure how my insulin would last there outside.  I have a minimed and 
use humolog.  How often would I need to change my insulin and site and also 
would the sportsguard keep my minimed waterpoof if I was floating around on a 
raft. .  This is my first time out to the River with my pump and I'm a little 

Any advise would be appreciated.

Thanks  Nancy

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