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[IP] We want a pump (long)

    I need to vent just a little.  Taylor (8 yrs old) went to a cub scout
expo this weekend.  He spent 3 nights there and from what I understand had a
blast--so why am I complaining?  Yesterday (Saturday) he started out the day
with a 70 bg, realize he has only been dx for 3 months, and is still
honeymooning.  Anyway, his dad was with him and was armed with everything,
juices, glucagon, cheese and crackers, you name it.  His bg was remaining in
the 50-70 range which resulted in extra carbs being eaten, well then all of
a sudden at 3:30 his bg skyrocketed to 344, he was with his 13 yr old uncle
who was a little uneasy with giving him an extra shot (we are on MDI) so he
had him check for ketones, there were none and then had him do some extra
exercise.  When they met back up with Taylor's dad he had decreased to 286.
At that time (this is the part I wanted to cry at, being the mother of a
young db, sleep deprived as I have worked nights all weekend and have gotten
little sleep I am very emotional) they brought out the snacks, cookies,
bars, etc.  Well Taylor just looked at his dad and said, Dad I'll just go
look at them, but I won't have any cuz my bg is so high (sob, sob).  Luckily
his dad had enough sense at that time to do some figuring and gave some
extra insulin and let him have a snack (yeah!).  I was so angry at the who
condition because here was a young boy who is still adjusting to the db,
having a blast, when all of a sudden he feels like he is punched, and when
he states "I'll just look at them I feel like I've been punched.
    Anyway, sorry for the length of this but I am again sleep deprived.
Wish us luck, we go see his endo June 24 to approach him about the pump.
Keep your fingers crossed.  If I go into him a little sleep deprived and he
says no we will have a war on our hands!! vbg.

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