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Re: [IP] My first post! Michelle's mom

My kids are 14 & almost 12. 1 girl & 1 boy.
I only have experience with the disetronic, but yes you can actually have her 
count carbs, figure bolus and pretend its real by pushing the buttons. 
Atleast once or twice you should check out the error codes, and pretend you 
are having one. Then try to figure out how to stop it.
Home schooling? I though about doing this because of all the trouble I have 
had with my kids school. They actuallt tried to stop my kids from pumping ! 
Said it would be too difficult and too much of a strain at school.
I had training as a nurse, the only floor I hated working on was the diabetic 
floor ! So, of course I have to have two diabetic kids.
As far as not eating sugarless foods, the kids eat basically the same. We do 
sometimes skip a meal or atleast put it off for a few hours. When you get 
used to eating other foods (and doing alot of bgs) you'll be able to pick out 
what foods are gonna always cause a problem Let your daughter try new things 
occassionally, so you can figure out what they will do to her bgs. Good 
luck....Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers
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