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Re:[IP] What are the odds....

Craig -- 
   I'm sorry, I cannot give you the odds of having another child with 
diabetes. But, from a parents point of view I can say this -- It has been the 
most difficult journey we have ever faced, having a child dx'd with diabetes. 
It tossed us right into the middle of a storm that we weren't sure would ever 
end! As you know, diabetes affects everyone in the family. Some families 
handle it better than others. Us? Probably middle of the road -- good times, 
bad times, just like with anything else. But, if I could see into the future, 
if God had allowed me in on what was in store for us, having a child with 
diabetes, I'd have her in a heartbeat. Amy has added so much joy to our 
lives. She has taught us about what it truly means to care for others, 
because she does it so willingly and effortlessly (with the occasional, ok, 
regular, disregard for her brother!!) Nope - I'd never choose for anyone to 
have diabetes, and yep, there are still days I cry about it, wondering what 
her future will hold. But, she is worth it, as are all these beautiful 
children that have it.

  You have a difficult decision ahead of you. I wish you all the peace you 
can find in making your decision.

Mom of Amy, 12
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