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[IP] Now I'm Worried

Hi, everyone......

The time is getting closer to getting a pump and I have decided I would like
to use a Disetronic pump. Last week I had a very informative conversation
with the North East rep. However there was one part of that conversation
that now has me very worried. Please don't take this as a criticism of the
rep. she was thinking in my best interest.

My AC1 results were discussed. My most recent, the result I received last
week was 5.9, that's a big difference from 12.2 back in January when I was
dx'd. She said it would be best to tell the insurance company the high
result as they may not approve a pump because it's obvious, (at least for
now), that I can control my bg's with exercise, change in diet and multiple
injections of NPH and Humalog.

To be honest, I just hate taking 6 or so shots a day, totaling some 45-60
units daily depending upon what I eat, but worse still have it to look
forward to for the rest of my life. At the very least a pump would give me
back, at least in part some small part of my life as it was before I was

So, can the insurance company override my Endo? Also, if I tell them the
higher AC1 and then find out later by some means that I had withheld a lower
number from them, can they demand the pump back, saying I got under false

Any comments would be most welcome.


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