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Re: [IP] Re: damage from lows; cake and forgiveness

I think how long you are low is more important how low.  I once woke up in
the emergency room 2 hours after walking into my friends dorm with a blood
sugar of 25.  I've also had 25s that I was in perfect control of my

May be getting into to scary territory here, but here goes (my most
imbarassing insulin reaction).	When I was in college we didn't have blood
testing we tested urine.  Any way, I didn't realize I was having an insulin
reaction.  I was in my friends dorm and according to him I passed out.	(by
the way he new I was diabetic).  He said that I started to tell him that if
I was Black I would have gone to the olympics. (I was on the track team and
was only so so.  Please know I am not prejudice, but I lost a lot of races
to african american athletes)  He said he realized I was having a problem,
but when he asked for help his roomys thought I was drunk.  So he carried
me over his shoulder and while we walked down the hallway to the elevator
and through the parking lot I was yelling loudly that if I had only been
born black I would be in the olympics.	I remember none of this.  I only
remember walking into his room laying down on his roomates bed and then
waking up in the emergency room.

"email @ redacted (Michael)" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> > Obviously severe lows like 25 or 35 cause some
>> > damage.
>> > Ruth

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