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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #193

I'm an emotional wreck today!  The day from hell.  It was time to change my
infusion set so a couple of hours before we were due to go to an important
appointment I had a shower, took out the old set and got everything ready
for the new set.  I did a screw test which uses up 7.2 units of insulin
then got ready to make the change.  It takes me a while but I was showing
my husband how I have this thing aced when I realised that I had stuck the
needle into my body before I had primed the pump, and that is a major
problem as you must run 5 units of insulin through the pump before you
attach it to yourself. So, I wasted an insusion set ($11.00) and I had to
start all over again.  This time I did it correctly but when I did the 5
units nothing came out the other end so we pumped more and more and kept
checking inside the resevoir until finally insulin started to come out of
the needle and I got ready to stick the thing into me when the pump started
making the most dreadful noise.  It sounded like an air raid siren and I
expected to see Nato bombers flying overhead.  Usually it has a discrete
sort of alarm and you punch a few buttons and it shuts up until you solve
the problem but no matter how many buttons I pushed it wouldn't shut up.  I
phoned the sales rep but she was out and so I left her a message, then I
phoned the emergency number in the USA.  I told the woman who answered that
I had an emergency which she probably figured out for herself with the pump
screaming in the background.  She said "don't panic and take out the
batteries', which I did and the damn thing finally shut up.  She told me
that this was a special alarm that happens if you try to inject more than 2
and a half times your maximum meal time 'bolus' and your maxium basal rate
for 1 hour all within an hour period.  Well by doing that test which used
7.2 units of insulin plus trying repeatedly to prime the thing I had
exceeded the maxium, so the machine set off the alarm thinking I was going
to die of an overdose.  Little did the machine know how close it came to
dying itself as I was screaming at my husband that if it didn't stop making
that noise I was going to hit it with a hammer, even if it did cost
$5,000.00  The woman explained what we were doing wrong in priming it.  She
said that Minimed recommends a 10 unit prime but my manual says only 5
units.  I guess that everytime I opened the back and checked the resevoir
to find out why nothing was comming out of the needle the machine had to
start from scratch which is why we had to keep repriming. Also the 7.2
prime I used for the screw test was counted in there.   My questions to the
group are:  I though the prime feature meant that the totals primed were
not counted in the totals calculated for the day so why did the alarm go
off?  Has this happened to anyone else? Is the prime supposed to to be 5
units or 10 units?  
 I am so happy that this didn't happen in public as I think they would have
evacuated any building I was in.  At least I know now that I have to take
out the batteries to stop that noise.  

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