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[IP] What are the odds....

Hi fellow pumpers

This is not exactly a pump related question but I know there is a lot of
info out there....

I am a type 1 pumper age 36 and have had diabetes since age 8.  Seven
mos ago my then 21 mos old daughter was diagnosed.  We are now trying to
make the decision whether to have child number two.  Part of me says we
ought not to think about the odds of diabetes and just get on with it,
but part is worried about bringing another diabetic into our family.

I believe the odds of having a child with diabetes, when the father is a
diabetic, is 7 -9%.  Is anyone aware of  what the odds are with dad as a
diabetic, a daughter as a diabetic and diabetes may be in my wife's
family (her cousin was recently diagnosed at age 13).  Is anyone aware
of any research or info on this topic?

Thanks for your input.......  Craig

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