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Re: [IP] Re: damage from lows; cake and forgiveness

Jen wrote:
> What damage?  I don't ever remember hearing about evidence that lows
cause permanent damage.  Is this documented?

After a recent meeting with my endo and discussion of my recent application
for life insurance being refused (enitrely another storey....I am presently
too furious to get into it!!!!!) we got talking about my 7.3 HA1c result. 
The insurance form indicated that it was outside the normal range
(something like 4.6 - 6.4) and therefore this, combined with my lifelong
history of type one, and some protein showing in a urine spot check was the
reason I should be denied.  I had a lengthy discussion with my endo about
my 7.3 reading and he informed me that this number was perfectly acceptable
to him, even just right.  He said he preferred me to have a reading one
above what is in the range to guard against to many lows which lead to
brain damage.  I know he means severe lows, not just the odd 3 or 4.  

I ahve always felt more comfortable with glucometer readings of 6, 7, 8 or
even 9.  Quite often, when my numbers are lower than that I run into too
many lows, which for me, have no warning signs.  These higher than industry
accepted HA1c readings are the only not perfect thing about being on the
pump.  The sacrifice of tight control ;-).

The answer to the original question, is yes, I have heard and been told
that too many severe lows lead to brain damage.

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