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Re: [IP] Re: dangers of Humalog and an empty resevoir

On 5 Jun 99, at 17:33, Kasey wrote:
> Of course Kayla is really good at peeing all over the bed and then
> waking up in a puddle when her blood sugar goes really high during the
> night. 

I don't know about anyone else here but before i knew i was D i 
often found myself in a puddle.. yes it is embarrassing and hard for 
anyone to go threw (which i was 14 at the time and really scared 
about what was wrong with me).  But now when I go and talk to 
others i almost always reveal this about myself mainly to let other 
D and the families that it is common for this to happen when you 
are diabetic or before you find out.

But talk about unnecessary site changes i have made a few stupid 
mistakes on several occasion.  This mistake was inserting the 
Steel needle before priming the tubing (before the time of the 
tenders or disconnectable sets).  

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