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[IP] RE: IP:misinformation

>>What disturbs me as much as misinformation among the general population and 
professionals, who should know better, is all the misinfo amongs DMers 
themselves.  I have read many posts on this site saying "I am brittle" or "I 
am the only one in my family with DM".  Neither of these is unusual at all.  
In fact, they are both very common.<<

I agree with you. Brittle diabetes is often a lable that means someone 
doesn't know how to manage diabetes. This probably came about when medical 
people could not pigeon hole the individual in the "appropriate" diabetes 
category. Many Type 1s were labeled brittle, when actually it is a statement 
about..."I don't know how to treat you" or "I can't get the right insulin 
regimen for you", or "I (you) am not able to control your life style and 
eating habits, and activity level" or "Whatever I suggest doesn't work, so 
your glucose problems must be your fault!"  And, since MOST of Type 1 is an 
anutoimmune process, not a heredity problem (excluding a few families), then 
many people will be the only person in their family with Type 1. We shouldn't 
forget a small group of environmental clusters of Type 1 outbreaks.
Sometimes, we get labeled as something or other, and then learn to cope 
through life by using that label to our advantage. Don't take offense anyone, 
as this is my opinion, based on a lot of research and experience over the 
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