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[IP] Re: dangers of Humalog and an empty resevoir

Sara wrote:

> You, and Kasey are much more
> diligent 
> and careful than me...and I guess your kids are profitting from
> that...anyone 
> wanna adopt me?

Oh pahleez!  I'm embarrassed to say that more than once I have seen
Kayla's blood sugar read over 400 in the morning and thought the site
was bad.  Only after yanking it out and priming a new set did I remove
the old reservoir and see it was empty.  Do you know the lashing I would
have gotten if Kayla figured out I changed the site and subjected her to
yet another needle and it really wasn't necessary???

Of course Kayla is really good at peeing all over the bed and then
waking up in a puddle when her blood sugar goes really high during the
night.  (Remember she's only 6)  If I ever wake up to her standing
beside my bed at 4:00am, I know why.  :-)

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