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Re: [[IP] new pumper questions]

rosemary l hartman <email @ redacted> wrote:
Still new at this! started yesterday- My numbers have been great - so far

I know someone asked this but what if you see a small amount of blood in
the area where the needle was pulled from ( used soft set) it isn't in
the tubing. my bs is 155 but had a little extra for supper !   If there
was a problem the first thing is my bs will rise right-  I just don't
want it to in the mid of the night! I'll be checking often -3 or so hrs. 
    Also I'm still getting my basels set but when I know where I'm at
with this I'm wondering about snacks- because huml. last 3 1/2 hrs if I
would eat lunch for instance at 12 then at 2 decide I want a 15 carb
snack will the insulin over lap-  Just how flexible is this?   I'm
thinking I probably can have what I want & bolus but want to be sure- and
would omlets have many carbs ?     Thanks Rosie 
If it is just a small speck of blood it shouldn't be a problem, just watch for
any signs of infection.If there is a problem, yes your BS could very well
rise. I would also put alittle antibiotic cream on the site when you change
it, just to be safe.
dxd 1971
pmpg 6/97

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