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Re: [Re: [IP] new pumper questions]

rosemary l hartman <email @ redacted> wrote:
   Adding to this thread-  do I need to change my set-  I'm seeing tiny
bubbles in the tubing but not in one spot and still more in the syringe!
I changed in to my Pj's and attached the pump to my waist -was clipped
earlier to my bra- would that make a difference?  I wanted to leave this
in till tomorrow Oh well!  And if I change it ( my 3rd time at this )
will it rise quickly while I'm trying to change?    I know I can do this
I just didn't want to tonight!      It went from 155 to 170 in 45 min.
but now  another 45 min. later its 176- could be pasta for supper even.  
Just a new panicy pumper!      Yikes Rosie  {:+)            
>>>>>>>I think your BGs sound pretty good, you might even have tested too soon
after eating. As for the bubbles, you can disconnect from the pump(if you can
do that with your particular infusion set) and bolus them out.If they are up
in the syringe, I don't usually worry too much about it because in my case
they always seem to end up there gradually for me most of the time. It can be
very nerve wracking at first making all the little adjustments. After 2
years(in 11 days), I still am learning and get nervous about making decisions!
Good luck and I hope things are better for you now. Oh and also it should not
make a difference where you put the pump at night, I wear my hooked to my PJ
waist band also.
dxd 1971
pmpg 6/97

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