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[IP] Re: over simplification

1)  How or why would using humalog instead of regular create problems in
your control?

>Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 00:54:09 EDT
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] over simplification

>My doc doesn't want me on Humalog because 1) I
>sleep through alarms, 2) I have such a significant rise at night.  I go to
>bed at 9-10 and take .9 at those hours.  I then go up to 1.5 between 3am
>6:30am.  I usually wake up at 6:30.  If I were to go without all that
>and sleep through the alarms then I would lose 10.7 units and possibly go
>bed with a 100 and wake up well over 500 even worse if I were to have been
>off on the snack before.  My dawn is usually a 200-300 rise and that is why
>he doesn't want to risk it.

Requiring additional insulin during late evening-early morning hours is
normal.  It may be associated with lack of activity burning calories.
There is also a phenomenon I understand is called "circadian rhythm".  My
basal insulin increases by more than 10% between midnight or so and 8:00 AM.
As a result of testing during these off-beat hours I've spread higher basals
over more hours.

FWIW, even my CDE, who is very informed, was unaware of need for this
increase in basal rate.

In my experience of using both insulins, humalog is so much faster acting
than regular that when I used regular pumping, it felt like I was back on
MDI.  I put the cartridge (with R) back into the refrigerator as soon as I
could obtain more Hlog.  Using the pump you have ability to meter just the
right amounts.

Perhaps you may benefit from setting basals a little more judiciously.

Richard in Austin, Texas
email @ redacted

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