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Re: [IP] over simplification

> Except I think in my case.  My doc doesn't want me on Humalog
> because 1) I sleep through alarms, 2) I have such a significant rise
> at night.  I go to bed at 9-10 and take .9 at those hours.  I then
> go up to 1.5 between 3am and 6:30am.  I usually wake up at 6:30.  If
> I were to go without all that insulin and sleep through the alarms
> then I would lose 10.7 units and possibly go to bed with a 100 and
> wake up well over 500 even worse if I were to have been off on the
> snack before.  My dawn is usually a 200-300 rise and that is why he
> doesn't want to risk it.

I still think he's all wet. You shouldn't be 200 - 300 in the 
morning. Your basals aren't set right. As  an example, my daughter 
runs 1.0 u/hr at night. The few times her delivery has been 
interrupted, she "has" to get up and pee because those good old 
kidneys start working to get rid of the excess glucose. She's never 
been much over 400 even under the worst of circumstances and then 
only for a few hours. Since 80+ % of pumpers surveyed use Humalog, I 
rather suspect your doc is in the minority and a little behind the 
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