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Re: [IP] Emotional Reaction to Diagnosis

Donna wrote:
> I had the same reaction except it lasted for days.  I figured I would get
> diabetes but didn't think it would be so young (ok 32 isn't that young to some
> people) There are days that I still just cry.  I figure my kids will inherit it
> also.

I was 44 -- which is why I thought I was safe when my mother hit her
60's and 70's without getting it. Diabetes has been a life-long fear of
mine -- actually the reality isn't as bad as the fear -- but I have to
admit that I really can't believe I could ever get complications --
intellectually, I know this is a form of denial, but emotionally, I just
can't deal with it. 

I pray VERY hard that my son won't get it. I don't think I could deal
with that -- I developed DM 5 months before my mother died -- she was
getting foggy, but she still understood what it meant, and WOULDN'T talk
to me about it. I think it was probably too traumatic for her to even
let the topic come up. 

I occasionally talk to my son about it, but he doesn't really want to
talk about it, either -- just recently, he finally admitted that he
knows he's at risk. Actually, that's all I want him to know for the
moment -- at some point, he should become familiar with the symptoms --
but I'm REALLY hoping he never has to act on that knowledge!!!

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