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[IP] Sara/Sera and pumping remarks

email @ redacted wrote:
> Sara, yes I missed you and your ducks. (snip)  By the
> way where have you been, and who is using your ducks?

Nope, it's NOT Sara who has the ducks, it's ME!!!  I'm Natalie, not
My last name is SEra -- different spelling, different name. 

I have the ducks, and she does the smart-ass remarks. Which I admire
greatly, because my mind doesn't work that way!!  :)

Anyway, I've been using the Skin Prep, and so far, so good, no allergic
reactions. I think I had a small site infection last week -- when I took
out the set, I had a hard little lump where the cannula had been. And it
stayed red for 5 or 6 days, but it's finally going away now. 

Morning BGs are creeping up -- I wonder if one gets USED to the new
delivery of insulin, and whether I should consider increasing the basal
for that time. Las time I increased it, my BGs came down for a time, but
then started to go up again. 

This really isn't an urgent question, because I'm not having any
dramatic rises -- who knows, the BGs may just start coming down again on
their own -- I'm just still in learning mode and eternally curious!

Today, I'm going to the Livestock center to meet Becky LaSpina -- she's
showing some dogs. Fun!!!!


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 Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!
 Type Weird, pumping!
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 Can YOU find the ugly duckling? (Hint: it ain't the pumperduck!)

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