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Re: [IP] proud women with pumps in their bras

I've never tired it in my bra (would need to go to the ladies room to bolus) 
but the places I keep the pump are:
  in my pocket if I'm wearing an overshirt.  This is the most comfortable and 
most convenient.   Without the clip the pump is pretty small and I keep it in 
my pocket even with jeans.
  In the top of my pantyhose.  The pantyhose keeps it in place and it is not 
too difficult to pull out for a bolus since it is near your waist.
  If I'm wearing a loose fitting top, I wear the "waist thing."  MM sent it 
to me for free.   I use it at night to sleep, but I'll use it during the day 
if I don't have pockets and my shirt is loose fitting.   It's also great to 
wear when you go shopping.  You can change clothes and don't have to worry 
about disconnecting or juggling the pump.  
Hope this helps.  Ronee
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