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Re: [IP] Type 2 non-pump lists?


There is a moderated list called "DM Life" at: email @ redacted

There is a small web site with subscribe instructions at:

The list is run by two people with extensive knowledge of DM. The list is
not limited to Type IIs, but the overwhelming majority of subscribers are
Type II. There are a few pumpers on the list. Traffic is fairly low, some
"chatty" type discussions (few) and most discussions are kept very much on
target. This might be a good way to do some research and forward
appropriate info to your cousin.

If you visit, tell Joan and Patty I say "hello" :-)

>Does anyone know a good type 2 non-pump list? My cousin was just diagnosed
>with type 2 and is having a rough time (would rather have lost his hand, he
>writes). I'm not close to this cousin and he lives in a different state. I'm
>trying to support him through e-mail. One of his big frustrations is that he
>has a "weak" stomache and is afraid of eating. He doesn't see the dietitian
>for two and a half weeks. I told him I felt the dieititian would be able to
>work with him on his diet but what should he do for the next two weeks or

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

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