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Re: [IP] Re: the Diabetic Woman

Sherry,  I have had ketones a couple of times, but it is very rare for me.  I 
have had DM for 39 years.  In fact, I don't check for ketones because of this 
(I don't recommend this for anyone else).  
I also find that having a bg of 400 or 30 doesn't deter me from doing 
anything.  I take insulin or eat and continue on.  I know this is related to 
unawareness, but if I wake up and my bg was 400-500, I would just take 
humalog and continue on to work.  Others don't seem to be able to do this.  I 
find the same thing with exercise.  I do exercise when my bg is high even 
though it is advised not to.  It has not caused a problem for me yet.  If I 
wake up with a 400 bg, I will take insulin, wait maybe an hour, run 5 miles, 
and feel great after that.  ellen
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