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[IP] Misinformation among DMers

What disturbs me as much as misinformation among the general population and 
professionals, who should know better, is all the misinfo amongs DMers 
themselves.  I have read many posts on this site saying "I am brittle" or "I 
am the only one in my family with DM".  Neither of these is unusual at all.  
In fact, they are both very common.  

Who is not brittle?  The only not brittle DMers I know are on diet only.  I 
wish someone would write on all the misinfo out there about DM.  There is so 
much however, it would probably be a very long book.  ellen

p.s.  I was at a meeting the other day and the brother of a DMer was saying 
that she was very brittle and had many complications.  This does not go 
together.  Maybe it means that she had a poor dr. or maybe she never tried to 
control her bgs or maybe she did everything right and she had bad genes.   
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