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Re: [IP] Re: the Diabetic Woman

I too was told of horror stories starting at the age of 4.  At 4 years of
age I didn't have any control over what I was wearing each day, let alone my
diabetes.  My responsibility at that age was to tell someone if I felt a
little "funny".  How was telling me I would lose a limb or organ someday
going to help me take better care of myself?  No wonder monsters under the
bed never scared me.

On the brighter side... there are DMers out there who have lived many years
if not their entire lives without complications.  I believe in a previous
thread a man mentioned that he was diagnosed in 1956 and still going strong.
However, those who have had problems with complications either admit that
they did go a few years with their blood sugars out of control, or just
happened to be the unlucky ones whose bodies were much more sensitive to the

I have not had any problems with complications, knock on wood, going 19
years with type-1, but I do have my quirks.  I have never tested positive
for Ketones, even with a blood sugar of 868.  I have had my share of serious
infections and colds and not ever shown a trace.  However, that means it
doesn't show up on the test strip.  I still think that something terrible
must have been happening in me at that level.  I have several other strange
quirks that doctors can't explain but
seem to happen.  Any one else have this happen?

Sorry so long,

-----Original Message-----
What I am talking
>about are people who started telling me this stuff when I was young, long
>before I had any complications.  Basically, I don't believe this info
>motivates anyone.  In fact, it does the opposite.  This does seem to work
>better with older people.  I guess fear is a good motivator for many, but
>for me.  ellen
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