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Re: [Re: [IP] RE: dont tell anyone I m diabetic]

email @ redacted wrote:
In a message dated 6/4/99 11:50:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  So
 when people gave me that look with the question about "Do you have to take
 shots?"  I always thought it was because they (and most of the country) are
 so freaked out by injections, that THEY could never develop the skills and
 guts necessary to take multiple shots everyday. >>
         That is probably exactly what their problem is! Before I was
diagnosed, I was so deathly afraid of shots, I would literally start to feel
faint as soon as I smelled the alcohol! My family Drs office was in his home
and I would always end up having to lie on the couch in his den after I got a
shot of any kind. But after almost dying before they diagnosed me, I was
almost happy to inject insulin because I knew how much better I felt with it
than without!
dxd 1971
pmpg 6/97

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